Wild Manuka Honey 346+ MGO

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Truly tasty. Our New Zealand Manuka honey is sourced from the aromatic blossoms that flourish in our pristine mountain ranges. The naturally wild strength of the Manuka tree is reflected in the taste and quality of in this rare honey. The distinctive aroma and rich golden tones mingle with herbal notes for a delightful fresh finish. This honey also ripens over time like a fine wine, and can crystallize due to its naturally high sugar levels. Cold extracted for purity. Made by nature to tantalize your taste buds.

1 teaspoon daily:

  • dissolved in a hot beverage can help lessen arthritic aches and pains
  • with lemon and honey in hot tea for coughs, cold, sore throat, flu
  • for overall health benefits
  • beneficial in skincare routine
  • ideal for wounds and skin irritation

Culinary suggestion:

  • delicious marinade for meat, vegetables, BBQ.

EXTRA INFORMATION: The health benefits of New Zealand Manuka Honey have been extensively researched since 1981. This honey is rare because the plant only flowers for 1 to 6 weeks a year, and prefers to grow in remote locations. The plant is endemic to New Zealand and relies on the flowering season having very little rain. With too much rain, the flowers are unable to be pollinated and the bees must wait until the following year to try again. 

New Zealand Manuka honey is highly prized for its unique medicinal properties such as dietary Methyglyoxal (MGO), a naturally occuring compound with scientifically proven medicinal benefits. Tested and certified as 100% Pure Manuka Honey in a New Zealand Government approved laboratory for your peace of mind. Identified by MGO levels, you’ll find that as the MGO level increases, the more bitter flavour intensifies. Our bees produce up to 350+ MGO, easily palatable by the spoonful. If you prefer sweeter slightly herbal tasting honey with a buttery consistency, try our delicious Wild Alpine Creamed Manuka Honey instead.

*Not suitable for diabetics or children under 12 months.