Wild Clover & Manuka Honey

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Botanical Bliss. Our special reserve Wild Clover & Manuka honey is finely crafted from fragrant wild clover in our lush alpine meadows. Sweet and delicate with a lovely velvety texture and gentle Manuka and Vanilla notes. A mouthwatering delicacy cold extracted from our mountain beehives.

This lush honey was a surprise to us. After our Manuka flowering, we had a very rainy summer with nectar and Beech dewdrops washed away in the downpours. Our bees turned to our alpine meadows to forage white clover (and a little pink clover too). The result is this moreish blend. Made by nature to tantalize your taste buds.

Best enjoyed by the spoonful.

  • lovely for anxiety days
  • a delightful flavour infusion
Culinary suggestions:
  • delicious marinade for meat, vegetables, BBQ
  • divine dessert topping especially on baked cheesecake
  • lovely on cereal and in smoothies
  • drizzle over pancakes, waffles, scones with cream or Greek yoghurt
  • luscious pairing with fruit and cheese platters and a glass of wine
  • try with figs, poached pears, apples, strawberries, nectarines, peaches, apricots
  • delectable with dark chocolate

Many clover honeys are the result of bees having been fed refined sugar that can make a sickly sweet honey. Our bees forage 100% naturally so the result is a delicious and naturally sweet treat.