Creamed Manuka Honey 244+ MGO

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Sensationally smooth. Our New Zealand Manuka Creamed Honey is highly prized for its unique properties such as dietary Methylglyoxal (MGO), a compound with natural medicinal properties. Sourced from the aromatic blossoms that flourish in our pristine mountain ranges. The naturally wild strength of the Manuka tree is reflected in the taste and quality of in this rare honey. Distinctive wild aroma and gentle golden tones mingle with delicate herbal notes for a delightful buttery finish. Gently churned to smooth perfection.

New Zealand Manuka blossoms are rare, flowering between 1 and 6 weeks each year. Manuka flourishes in harsh conditions, buffeted by strong winds, rain, hail, snow, and extreme heat. In full bloom, the tiny white and soft pink flowers provide a heavenly fragrance that perfumes our rugged mountain terrain. Our bees make the most of the flowering to create this wonderful "super food". Made by nature to tantalize your taste buds. 

1 teaspoon daily:

  • dissolved in a hot beverage can help lessen arthritic aches and pains
  • with lemon and honey in hot tea for coughs, cold, sore throat, flu
  • for overall health benefits
Culinary suggestions:
  • delicious marinade for meat, vegetables, BBQ.
  • heavenly on toast and fresh bread.

Tested and certified as 100% Pure Manuka Honey in a New Zealand Government approved laboratory for your peace of mind. The higher the MGO, the more bitter the flavour. Our bees produce up to 350+ MGO which is pleasantly palatable by the spoonful.


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